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Gordon setr Fiorchara

4.5.2021 Sangerfild JiJi and Double Dream Loveset Tollers Cosa Nostra

Both of my girl make me very happy.

28.11.2020 Zir

*14.1.2011    † 28.11.2020
His soul has gone to the pleaces, from which there is no return even for dogs like he was....You will always be my Fíorchara.

Gordon setr

26.10.2020 Sangerfild JiJi Czech Champion of Work

JiJi got the title Czech Champion of Work. She is the fourth Gordon Setter in history of our country, who has made it so far and I am honoured to work with two of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the breeders Alena Krutova for extraordinary JiJi and Karolína Vybíralová for Zir z Holubické stráně, who got the title in 2013. I am immensely proud of both of them!

Gordon setr

20.10.2019 Mafia 18 months old

Gordon setr


Today our family is one member bigger and it is my great honout to introduce you Ms. Double Dream Loveset Tollers Cosa Nostra aka "Mafia". Thank you Tanya Blinnikova and Julia Guseva Double Dream Loveset.

Gordon setr

20.8.2017 Sangerfild JiJi 6 months old

21.7.2017 Daisy

* 27.2.2006    † 21.7.2017
It was my honour to be by your side.

irish red setr

17.6.2017 - Club show MSKAO and Regional show Náměšť na Hané

Jiji had her show debut in a show ring at Club show MSKAO under czech judge Simona Svatoňová. She was given very promising 1st and in the finals she became BIS baby under Stanislava Janická. I am proud and happy of the results, but above all how well did Jiji handled her show premiere.

Gordon setr

9.6.2017 Sangerfild JiJi is 4 months old.

Gordon setr


We are over the moon to welcome new member of our family, Ms. Sangerfild JiJi! Thank you, Alena Krutova (Sangerfild Kennel), from the bottom of my heart.

Gordon setr

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